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Cardinal Musings with Jane Barton

Jane W. Barton

For the past 17 years, I’ve served as a national speaker and writer focused on the issues of aging, caregiving, and the end of life. And yet, I seemingly have more to say about the Cardinal issues of life—those facets of life of paramount importance. Consequently, I'm delighted to invite you to my virtual kitchen table where we'll chat about what matters most in life. Wondering if my musings are worthy of your time and attention? Well, if you’ve ever wondered and worried about getting older. If you’re concerned about how to answer the call to care for family and friends. If you’re anxious about the prospect of aging solo. If you’re mired in the darkness of your grief. If you’re scared to death of death. If you’re interested in living by design, not by default, then we stand on common ground. We share some common concerns. We definitely have something to chat about! So, what do you say? Care to muse with me? Please note, Cardinal Musings with Jane Barton is an educational podcast. The information, opinions, stories, and perceptions shared are for informational, educational purposes only. The information shared should not be construed as professional advice.